About us
FOTOE (Guangzhou Integrated Image Co., Ltd.) is an encyclopedic picture stock specialized in China, the most-populated country with profound history and global influence, featuring culture, history, travel, geography, heritage and so on.
Nearly 1 million pictures on our Chinese platform, while the English website serves as a showroom refined from the Chinese version. If you cannot find what you want, just send your demand to our picture researchers, who are ready to offer free service to overseas clients.
FOTOE represents over 30 picture agencies worldwide and more than 3,000 professional photographers, some of which pioneer in documentary photography since "cultural revolution". Covering clients in the image-consumed industry, FOTOE keeps advancing in publishing and exhibition.
Features for Publications
As the first encyclopedic picture database for publishing industry, FOTOE is good at offering varieties of quality pictures to publishers from home and abroad, Correct, extensive and well-organized captions and keywords create such a platform to search your pictures in a flash.
Books illustrated with pictures from FOTOE include:
Eyewitness Travel - Beijing & Shanghai (in English)
Following in Yu Qiuyu's Footsteps (in Korean and Chinese)
Chinese Geography told to Children (in Chinese)
Contributor and Distributor
To picture agencies troubled with search engine, captioning and keywording, Fotoe is an experienced and professional distributor to sell & re-sell their valuable pictures to the Greater China network..
To picture agencies whose clients are interested in the past and present China, Fotoe adepts in packing photos into features: comprehensive, to the details and authentic. They are favoured by our partners of picture agencies throughout mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, etc.
Exhibition Service
Famous photographers, brilliant curators and new exhibitions each year make FOTOE the pioneer of photography exhibition. Successfully curated photo exhibitions, including:
The Photography Exhibition of Chinese Folk-games
Humanism in China: A Contemporary Record of Photography
2007 Guangzhou Photo Biennale (Guangdong Museum of Art)
"Humanism in China" was shown successfully in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing (National Art Museum of China). In 2006, the exhibition began its 3-year tour among five famous museums in Frankford, Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin and Dresden in Germany.
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Humanism in China
Photography Exhibition of Chinese Folk Games
Address: No. 51 Tianhe Straight Street, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
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