Five Yue
five sacred mountains associated with Taoism
The Five Yue (Five Sacred Mountains) is a group of sacred mountains associated with Taoism, having been important destinations for pilgrimage. They are respectively located in the east, south, west, north and south of the country.

Mount Tai (Eastern Mountain, 泰山, Tài Shān), a UNESCO World Heritage Site of historical and cultural significance in Shandong Province, regarded as the first of the five mountains. It has been a destination for religious worship for 3,000 years.

Mount Hua (Western Mountain, 华山, Huà Shān) in Shaanxi Province is the location of some influential Taoist temples and was known as a center for the practice of traditional Chinese martial arts.

Mount Heng (Southern Mountain, 衡山, Héng Shān) in Hunan Province is a holy land of Taoism and Buddhism and is home for temples, with many inscriptions and poems left by emperors and scholars.

Mount Song (Central Mountain, 嵩山, Sōng Shān) in Henan Province is populated with Taoist and Buddhist monasteries. The nearby Shaolin Temple (少林寺, Shàolín Sì) is the birthplace of Zen Buddhism.

Mount Heng (Northern Mountain, 恒山, Héng Shān) in Shanxi Province has an lots of battlefield relics, making it unique among the five mountains.
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