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Fire Cupping
part of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Fire cupping (Fire Pot) is a method of applying acupressure by creating a vacuum next to the patient's skin. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) it involves placing glass, plastic, or bamboo cups on the skin with a vacuum. A vacuum created by air heated by fire in a glass cup is placed against the patient's skin. As the air cools in the cup, a vacuum forms that pulls up on the skin, stimulating the acupressure effect. The cups are usually bell shaped with a capacity of about 4 fluid ounces. Most commonly, 8 to 12 cups are applied to the subject's back in two parallel 'vertical' columns.

The therapy is used to relieve what is called "stagnation" in TCM terms, and is used in the treatment of respiratory diseases and back, neck, shoulder pain. This technique, in varying forms, has also been found in the folk medicine of Vietnam, modern Greece, Mexico, and Russia. Cupping was also commonly used as an Eastern European Jewish folk remedy.
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