Bullfighting Festival
traditional festival of Miao ethnic minority
The Bullfighting Festival falls on Jan. 25th of the lunar calendar. It is the traditional festival of the Miao minority group in Guizhou and Yunnan provinces. The Miao people consider cattle as their most important partners. When the Bullfight Festival comes, hosts feed their cattle well, even giving them wine in the hope that they will perform well. The festival usually held on an even meadow with the Miao people being well dressed.

During the fight, audiences around the meadow shout loudly, making the festival immersive in a fiery scene. The first prize bull is rewarded with red silk sashes, flowers and food. Bonfires are lit within the bullfighting ring. Young men play Lusheng (a homemade reed mouth organ with five or six pipes) and girls dance for the whole night. By celebrating the Bullfight Festival, Miao hope for a good harvest and good health in the coming year.

Miao People are not physically involved in the bullfighting while that in Spain is often a battle between men and bulls.
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