Photography Exhibition of Chinese Folk Games
Long history, far-flung territory and diverse nationalities contribute to Chinese folk games' abundant varieties and multiple forms. Dating back to remote ages, the rich content of Chinese folk games originates from a variety of ancient activities, including fishing, hunting, collecting, early migrations, disputes, primitive physical training and the dances, athletics and games deriving from it, and spiritual sacrifice rituals. Combining body movement and spiritual entertainment, Chinese folk games truly help people build up a "strong body and healthy mind", without direct pursuit of fame and gain. Moreover, such games are born free, unrestrained and self-dependent. Inherently and closely connected with the masses' daily life, they are not confined to any specific forms, sites, number of attendees or organizational patterns. So, Chinese folk games are not only the vivid demonstration of the diversity of Chinese culture, but also the irreproducible intangible cultural heritage of the Chinese nation.

Carrying the gene of Chinese traditional culture, Chinese folk games are not only a part of the nation's intangible cultural heritage but also the common wealth of mankind. This photography exhibition, "Chinese Folk games", aims to save, protect, inherit and promote the nation's spirit and wisdom embodied in this intangible cultural heritage when the greatest sports event, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, is approaching. It is hoped that through a wide collection of works and large-scale visual exhibit, the diversity of Chinese folk games can be fully displayed in front of the public, and therefore, the charm of folk games restored and the concern for the games at extinction aroused. Meanwhile, as a part of "People's Olympics", this exhibition helps more foreign friends better understand Chinese people's sports culture and sports beliefs.
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Photography Exhibition of Chinese Folk Games
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