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An Ge-Living in the Age of Mr. Deng Xiaoping
Living in the Age of Mr. Xiaoping Deng is a photography series by An Ge. He worked as a photographer and took lots of photo of people's living scene during the reform and opening up period in China. From the northeast part of China to Hong Kong and Macao, An Ge's footprints can be found in most provinces and cities in China.

Through An Ge's lens, we can see the economic phenomena of China, such as establishing special economic regions, the sino-soviet boarder trade, China's first beauty contest; and the daily life of people like farmers raising pigs, craziness of the football fans, and struggle of the laid-off workers… The photos vividly show the change of Chinese society in the age of Deng Xiaoping and broadly document people's life and expressions in detail.

The photos won An Ge the third prize of the Chinese Modern Photographer Award in the 2002 Pingyao International Photography Show (PIP).

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