Little Red Soldier of Cultural Revolution
Little Red Soldier is a student organization of primary and middle schools during the Cultural Revolution in China.

As Cultural Revolution began in 1966, Red Guard, a new student organization, spread among middle schools and universities. Pupils and some junior students in middle schools, who were too young to join the Red Guard, set up the organization called "Little Red Soldier", which replaced the Young Pioneers of China. Little Red Soldiers have joint in activities, such as, "stopping classes to make revolution", "struggling with teachers", and "learning from Lei Feng". Because of the young age, their influence on the society was much less than the Red Guard. As the Little Red Soldiers grown up, they joint the Red Guards.

At first, the symbol of Little Red Soldier wasn't unified. Some are diamond-shaped brassards with Chinese characters "Little Red Soldier" written on it. Others are red brassards with yellow characters on it. From 1970, as primary and middle schools reopened classes, the symbol of Little Red Soldier was gradually changed to red scarf.

In 1978, Little Red Soldier was officially replaced by Young Pioneers of China.

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