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The collection "Memory Engraved in Photos" of An Ge, reviews the change of Deng Xiaoping era in Chinese society reform and opening up, from the northeast border to the whole China, including the life in Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region(SAR). The collection covers vast contents, such as farewell to Three Gorges, the war in Laoshan, the SAR's economic take-off, Hainan automotive events, flows to work south, China's first beauty contest, also some trivial civilian life, the people's emotions.

An Ge

Senior Consultant of Fotoe

An Ge was born in Dalian, Liaoning Province in 1947.
In 1979, An Ge entered China News Service Gangdong Branch as a press-photographer.
In 1988, An Ge was relocated to Hongkong's China Tourism as a senior journalist and editor.
In 1994, An Ge was relocated back to the post of press-photographer in China News Service Guangdong Branch.
In 2001, personal album – "Living in the Age of Deng Xiaoping" published by Yangcheng Evening News publishing house.
In 2001, An Ge was appointed as a senior consultant of Guangzhou Integrated Image Co., Ltd (

An Ge, planned and participated in many important photography exhibitions, including the "Humanism in China: Contemporary Record of Photography Exhibition", "2005 Guangzhou International Photography Biennale", and was awarded in the Pingyao International Photography Exhibition. He published individual photographic portfolio "Living in the Age Of Deng Xiaoping" in 2001.
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